Programming of a complex structure measure for social groups

by PSICRON, H.Heitsch und J. Johannes GbR


The worldwide increasing trend in all forms of cooperations and collaborations in science is often described in bibliometric and scientometric terms, mostly with international coauthorchips as indicator. In order to determine quantitativly such cooperations and collaborations on different structural levels several complex structure measure are often used.

Now there is presented a new software implemented in Microsoft® Visual C++. This software enables us to calculate four different structure measures of coauthorchips and citations with reference to three structural levels. The data are based on the SCI.

The project was sponsord by NWO - Technologiestichting STW - Technology Foundation. The theoratical background is given in the paper "A complex structure measure for social groups" written by Dr. Hildrun Kretschmer.
The software was developed by PSICRON, H.Heitsch und J. Johannes GbR

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